Upcoming Events
9/19  Morning Prayer
         Supper, Song & Prayer
         Adult Formation
9/20  Morning Prayer
9/21  Morning Prayer
9/24  Morning Prayer
9/25  Morning Prayer
         Centering Prayer
9/26  Morning Prayer
         Supper, Song & Prayer
         Adult Formation
9/27  Morning Prayer
9/28  Morning Prayer
         Baseball with the Bishop  
9/30  Even Song
10/1  Morning Prayer
 10/2 Morning Prayer
         Centering Prayer
10/3  Morning Prayer
         Supper, Song & Prayer
         Adult Formation
10/4  Morning Prayer
10/5  Morning Prayer
         Kids Lock0In
10/6  Blessing of the Animals
10/7  St. Francis of Assisi Festival
10/8  Morning Prayer
10/9  Morning Prayer
         Centering Prayer
         Outreach Meeting
         Stewardship Meeting
10/10  Morning Prayer
           Supper, Song & Prayer
           Adult Formation
10/11  Diocese Convention
           Morning Prayer
10/12  Diocese Convention
           Morning Prayer
           Bus to Punta Gorda
10/15  Morning Prayer
10/16  Morning Prayer
           Centering Prayer
           Vestry Meeting
10/17  Supper, Song & Prayer
           Adult Formation
10/18  Morning Prayer
10/19  Morning Prayer
10/20  Sunset Eucharist
10/21  Sandwich Sunday
           Choral Evensong
10/22  Mornning Prayer
10/23  Morning Prayer
           Centering Prayer
           DaySpring Event
10/24  Morning Prayer
           Trunk or Treat
           Sung Compline
           Adult Formation
10/25  Morning Prayer
10/26  Morning Prayer
10/28  Consecration Sunday
           & Brunch
10/29  Morning Prayer
10/30  Morning Prayer
          Centering Prayer
10/31  Morning Prayer   



Worship Schedule

Holy Eucharist with Healing
8:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary
10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

11:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall

Nursery - ages 3 and under

9:50 a.m. in the Nursery

Youth Group
9 a.m. in the Youth Room

Sunday Morning Ministries (aka Sunday School) 9:50 a.m.
Children's Chapel (age 3, 4, 5)
in the Library
Growing in Christ (K-3rd)
in the Guild Room
Bridge (4th and 5th)
in the Youth Room

Supper, Song & Prayer

6:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall/Sanctuary

Welcome to St. Thomas

Making a difference because God is making a difference for us.

Wherever you may be on your path of faith, welcome to St. Thomas Church where you are invited to be part of a community which is vibrant and vital, traditional yet pertinent, rooted and growing. St. Thomas honors the fullness of Judeo-Christian spirituality as well as the most beautiful elements of the Episcopal Church and the greater Anglican Communion. St. Thomas members are seeking to love God with heart, mind, soul and strength and to love one another as we are loved by God. All this results in a community which is known first by its warmth and welcome and its unity in purpose:  to seek, worship and proclaim a God of power and glory, forgivenss and love. Wherever you are in your life in God, you will find nurture and opportunity here.

St. Francis Day Pet Blessing & Festival
St Francis Pet Blessing 2018



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Benison Farm at St. Augustine's

Thank you all for listening to my long winded announcement on the farm on Sunday. Here is a brief re-cap of what I said (a little less off the cuff and a little more precise):

This dream started in January with asking the very simple question of whether or not St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church would like to partner with St. Thomas in creating a farm, whose purpose would be to provide fresh produce to the neighborhoods in south St. Petersburg considered food deserts. St. Augustine’s said yes and I began work on a United Thank Offering grant application. This year’s UTO granting focus was on Becoming Beloved Community: Racial Healing, Reconciliation and Justice. Here is the exact wording of how our application will meet the focus:

How does the project fit into the 2018 UTO grant focus? We are entering the path within Becoming Beloved Community at Practicing the Way of Love, which represents the Baptismal Promise: We will seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to grow relationships across dividing walls and seek Christ in the other by being a place in the community where diverse groups of people come together in service to others. Pairing our mixed congregations will not only help us grow in the journey but will also be an example to those we serve. We expect other diverse partnerships to form because of the farm.

Once the grant application was submitted, we all waited. I waited impatiently! During the summer my time has been spent visiting other faith based farms; reading about faith, food and farming; attending meetings of local food movement groups; and meeting other farmers.

Also during the summer, I named the farm. Every farm I visited or read about had a name independent of the faith organization that founded it. This enabled the farms to develop their own identity. It also helps when seeking grants. The word blessing kept coming to me as I thought about a name, but it didn’t seem quite right. Looking up synonyms to all kinds of words, I found ‘benison’, the old English word for blessing. It fit and it stuck. There is now a website, benisonfarm.org, a Facebook and an Instagram presence. Please visit, friend, like, share, etc…

The grant was awarded and the funds were received by St. Augustine’s on August 6th! Up until now, I was the only person representing the farm since there was really nothing to do. Now it is time to get busy. Our first step is to form a steering committee to guide the vision and work of the farm. St. Augustine’s has chosen four people and St. Thomas’ will also chose four.

Stay tuned, we’ll put out a call for volunteers soon!


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