The Vestry, or board of the church, is composed of nine members, and in entrusted with fiduciary responsibility.  Each year, three new members are elected to a three year term.  In addition to transacting the temporal business of the church, the vestry works with the Rector and the Bishop to lead the congregation in the ministries of the church. St. Thomas’ current Vestry members are:

Serving Through Jan. 31, 2018
Todd Humphrey
Mary Jane Park, Junior Warden
Sarah Szynkiewicz

Serving Through Jan. 31, 2019
Tom Alison, Treasurer
Andrew Forrester
Mark Howerton, Senior Warden

Serving Through Jan. 31, 2020
George Burkhart
Jack Day, Secretary
Anne Elstun

The Rev. Ryan R. Whitley, Rector