Online Giving Is Easy!
(and even more essential in these times.)

Simply click this link to get started, but more detailed instructions are below from Joe Master, our Director of Finance.

"All things come of you, O Lord, and of your own have we given you."
1 Chronicles 29:14

We have upgraded our online giving platform!  The steps below for “text to give” and “E-giving” have changed slightly.


Many of you already use online banking for managing your personal accounts and paying bills.  Simply add St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church as one of your bill pays as you would for any other vendor.  You will need the church address, phone number and an account number.

1200 Snell Isle Blvd NE
St. Petersburg, FL  33704-3099

Use THOMAS1952 as your account.


A donation can be made right from texting feature on your cell phone.  Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Send a text to 73256 with keywordThomas1952 as the message. (You may want to save this number in your contacts as St. Thomas Text Giving for quick access in the future.)
  2. You will receive a confirming text in response.
  3. Click on the link included in the text.
  4. When the link opens, follow the steps as outlined under the next section on ONLINE GIVING or E-GIVING.


Our new online or E-Giving platform is now fully functional and ready for your donation.   Please click on the link below to access this service.

The following screen will appear:

FUNDS FIELD.  For this filed, if you have not turned in a signed pledge card and you are making a general donation, please select Non-pledge donation.  If you would like to fill out a pledge card, please email  The fund you choose is the intent of your donation.  For example, if you are donating to Pack a Snack, choose the Outreach – Pack a Snack fund.

By clicking on +ANOTHER FUND you can give to multiple funds.  For example, you may want to give $100 towards your pledge and $25 to Discretionary.

If you only want to GIVE ONCE, click on that button, and enter the date you wish St. Thomas’ to receive your gift.

For reoccurring payments, click on the GIVE MULTIPLE TIMES button and choose from the options displayed.

You may choose a stop date or the # of occurrences for the payment by clicking the down arrow.

Once you have completed this screen, hit the Continue button and the following screen appears:

Choose how you would like to give and complete the information.  Once you have entered either your credit card or bank account information, click on the GIVE $X.XX button in the bottom right hand corner.  The system will verify that you are not a robot by asking you to identify the pictures requested.

Your donation is now processing, and a receipt will be generated on your screen and sent to the email address you provided.

Here is the email you will receive:

Should you need assistance in any of the above processes, please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will be most happy to assist.

God’s continued blessings,

Joe Master
Director of Finance