Who are we? We are roughly between the ages of 20 and 40ish, and vary in the context of our closest relationships: whether we are married or single, casually dating or in a serious relationship, newly engaged, newly-wed or newly united. We live in and are from different places. We are churched, un-churched, faithful and searching. We are students, employees, un-employed and under-employed, military and veterans. We come from a variety of different ethnic, economic and social backgrounds.


What is Pub Theology? Pub Theology, for us, is an opportunity to explore matters of faith in community, while letting our hair down a bit.  (Fr. Ryan notwithstanding.) We gather about once a month at a local St. Pete brewery or pub and enjoy food and beverage (alcohol totally optional - this is a non-judgment zone).  We tackle matters of faith using a deck of cards that have faith-related questions on them.  A card is chosen at random, we read it, and discuss it together until we're done.  Then, we pick another!  Come to participate or just to listen, but always feel free to invite someone new or bring a friend!