Upcoming Events
11/16 Morning Prayer
          Bringe Jazz Concert
11/18 Sandwich Sunday 
          African Team Ministries
11/19 Morning Prayer
11/20 Morning Prayer
          Chancel Choir 
          Centering Prayer
          Vestry Meeting
11/21 Men's Bible Study
          Morning Prayer
11/22 Church Office Closed
11/23 Church Office Closed
11/26 Morning Prayer
         Endowment Meeting
11/27 Morning Prayer
          Centering Prayer
11/28 Men's Bible Study
          Morning Prayer
          Supper, Song & Prayer
          Godly Play
          Youth Group
          Adult Formation
11/29 Morning Prayer
         Women of the Word
         Chancel Choir
11/30 Morning Prayer
12/1   Christmas Gala
12/2   Advent
12/3   Morning Prayer
12/4   Morning Prayer
          Centering Prayer
12/5   Men's Bible Study
          Morning Prayer
          Supper, Song & Prayer
          St. Nicholas
          Godly Play
          Youth Group
          Adult Formation
12/6   Morning Prayer
          Women of the Word
          Chancel Choir
12/7   Morning Prayer
12/9   Advent Study
12/10 Morning Prayer
12/11 Morning Prayer
          Centering Prayer
          Outreach Meeting
          Stewardship Meeting
12/12 Men's Bible Study
          Morning Prayer
          Supper, Song & Prayer
          Godly Prayer
          Yoouth Group
          Sung Compline
          Adult Formation
12/13 Morning Prayer
          Women of the Word
          Chancel Choir
12/14 Morning Prayer
          Jingle Bell Run
12/15 Chancel Choir
12/16 Advent Study
          Regional Youth Event
12/17 Morning Prayer               
12/18 Morning Prayer
          Centering Prayer
          Vestry Meeting
12/19 Men's Bible Study
          Morning Prayer
          Lessons & Carols
12/20 Morning Prayer
          Women of the Word
          Chancel Choir
12/21 Morning Prayer
12/23 Advent Study
          Christmas Pageant
12/24 Morning Prayer
          Christmas Eve Services
12/25 Christmas Day Service
12/26 Church Office Closed
12/27 Morning Prayer
12/18 Morning Prayer
12/31 Mornng Prayer



Worship Schedule

Holy Eucharist with Healing
8:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary
10:00 a.m. in the Sanctuary

11:30 a.m. in the Parish Hall

Nursery - ages 3 and under

9:50 a.m. in the Nursery

Youth Group
9 a.m. in the Youth Room

Sunday Morning Ministries (aka Sunday School) 9:50 a.m.
Children's Chapel (age 3, 4, 5)
in the Library
Growing in Christ (K-3rd)
in the Guild Room
Bridge (4th and 5th)
in the Youth Room

Supper, Song & Prayer

6:00 p.m. in the Parish Hall/Sanctuary


The Vestry, or board of the church, is composed of nine members.  Each year, three new members are elected to a three year term.  In addition to transacting the temporal business of the church, the vestry works with the Rector and the Bishop to lead the congregation in the ministries of the church. St. Thomas' current Vestry members are:

Serving Through Jan. 31, 2018
Sarah Szynkiewicz

Mary Jane Park
Todd Humphrey

Serving Through Jan. 31, 2019
Tom Alison
Mark Howerton
Andrew Forrester

Serving Through Jan. 31, 2020
George Burkhart
Jack Day
Anne Elstun



Tom Alison


Vestry Minutes

Below are our most recent vestry meeting minutes:

December Meeting Minutes

November Meeting Minutes


St. Thomas 2020 Vision Planning


97 surveys were collected and data was made avaiable to the vestry and the 50 participants of the planning session. If you took the time to fill out a survey, thank you!


The Full-Day Strategic Planning Session was Saturday, March 5 at Collaborative Labs facility at the EpiCenterOur facilitator led the group of 50 through vision, strategy, and one-year tactics. The completed plan is now in the hands of the vestry for the next step in the the plan - fine tuning our tactics and putting our words into action!  

Thank you to those who participated in the planning session. The investment of your time will help us to be a vibrant community in the years ahead. Please continue to pray and consider your role in the vision of St. Thomas Church.